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Sukha and synonyms

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AN 10.65: “Kiṃ nu kho, āvuso sāriputta, sukhaṃ, kiṃ dukkhan”ti? “Reverend Sāriputta, what is happiness and what is suffering?” “Abhinibbatti kho, āvuso, dukkhā, anabhinibbatti sukhā. “Rebirth is suffering, reverend, no rebirth is happiness. Abhinibbattiyā, āvuso, sati idaṃ dukkhaṃ pāṭikaṅkhaṃ— When there is rebirth, you can expect this kind of suffering. sītaṃ uṇhaṃ jighacchā pipāsā uccāro passāvo aggisamphasso daṇḍasamphasso satthasamphasso ñātīpi mittāpi saṅgamma samāgamma rosenti. Cold, heat, hunger, thirst, defecation, and urination. Contact with fire, clubs, and knives. And relatives and friends get together and annoy you.

AN 10.66 “Anabhirati kho, āvuso, imasmiṃ dhammavinaye dukkhā, abhirati sukhā. “Reverend, in this teaching and training dissatisfaction is suffering and satisfaction is happiness. Anabhiratiyā, āvuso, sati idaṃ dukkhaṃ pāṭikaṅkhaṃ— When you’re dissatisfied, you can expect this kind of suffering. gacchantopi sukhaṃ sātaṃ nādhigacchati, You find no happiness or pleasure while walking … ṭhitopi … standing … nisinnopi … sitting … ( and any other posture, place, or setting)
happy factors (pīti, sukha, sāta, pāmojja, mudita, etc.)

mudita (past participle of modati): glad; satisfied. (adj.)

Modati [mud, cp. Vedic moda joy Dhtp 146: tose] to rejoice, to enjoy oneself, to be happy A iii.40; Sn 561 Pv i.54; ii.121. -- pp. mudita (q. v.). For mohayamāna at DhA i.275 the better reading is modayamāna rejoicing, a ppr. med.

Noun: mirth
Great merriment
glee, gleefulness, hilarity, mirthfulness
gaiety, gayety, merriment
Adjective: mirthful, mirthless
See also
express mirth

pāmojja: delight; joy; happiness. (nt.)

Pāmojja=pāmujja [Cp. BSk. prāmodya Divy 13, 82, 239] D ii.214; iii.288; M i.37, 98; S i.203; ii.30 v.157; Dh 376, 381; Ps i.177; Dhs 9, 86; Miln 84 Vism 2, 107, 177 (T. pa˚); DhA iv.111 (˚bahula).