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EBT = Early Buddhist Texts/Teachings

(Wikipedia says): Early Buddhist texts (EBTs), Early Buddhist literature or Early Buddhist discourses refers to the parallel texts shared by the Early Buddhist schools. The most widely studied EBT material are the first four Pali Nikayas, as well as the corresponding Chinese Āgamas. However, some scholars have also pointed out that some Vinaya material, like the Patimokkhas of the different Buddhist schools, as well as some material from the earliest Abhidharma texts could also be quite early.

Besides the large collections in Pali and Chinese, there are also fragmentary collections of EBT materials in Sanskrit, Khotanese, Tibetan and Gāndhārī. The modern study of early pre-sectarian Buddhism often relies on comparative scholarship using these various early Buddhist sources.

Various scholars of Buddhist studies such as Richard Gombrich, Akira Hirakawa, Alexander Wynne and A. K. Warder hold that Early Buddhist texts contain material that could possibly be traced to the historical Buddha himself or at least to the early years of pre-sectarian Buddhism. According to the Japanese scholar Akira Hirakawa, "any attempt to ascertain the original teachings of the historical Buddha must be based on this literature."

LBT = Late Buddhist Texts/Teachings

Chronologically, anything that comes after EBT is LBT.
The problem is that often, LBT will introduce new teachings that aren't in the EBT, or much worse, redefine EBT teachings so that the LBT version contradicts the original EBT meaning and causes mass confusion for modern Buddhists. An example of this, is Visuddhi-magga's redefinition of jhāna VRJ👻🥶. EBT jhāna and VRJ "jhāna" are drastically different meditation systems.

authenticity of EBT

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