4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦


thinking💭 & evaluation🕵️

V&V💭: vitakka & vicāra

Vitakka 💭 = directed thought.
Vicāra 🕵️ = the evaluation of that very same directed thought, not a separate train of thought.
V&V isn't a wild excursion of jumping from one random thought to another random, disconnected thought.
Vicāra explores, inspects, discriminates, evaluates, ponders, scrutinizes, discerns, considers the very same thought initially fixed upon by vitakka.
Vitakka decides on a topic, then gives it to vicara to analyze it further.

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🐴🐎💭 Book 1

You can lead a horse to first jhāna,

but you can't make him think.🐴💭

Chapter 1: V&V💭 in 1st Jhāna🌘

V&V💭 in 1st Jhāna🌘

Chapter 2: V&V, thoughts/thinking in general

(coming soon)

Chapter 3: Nij-Jhāna

Nij-Jhāna seems to function like a first jhāna with V&V

Chapter 4: vicara & vicāra

vicara & vicāra

Chapter 5: How various English translators render V&V

V&V in first jhāna, same as outside
Relativity of ⛔Wrong, and the horse from Bodagosia

Chapter 6: L.S. Cousins research on V&V

L.S. Cousins, V&V in EBT and non EBT

book: Appendices

Chapter A1: ⛔B. Anālayo’s mistranslation of V&V

Bhikkhu Anālayo on V&V and Jhāna

Chapter A2: ⛔B. Sujato’s mistranslation of V&V

Bhikkhu Sujato on V&V and Jhāna

Chapter A3: Not Dhamma (taught by Buddha) but very useful

Fallacy & Cognitive Bias



🐴🐎💭 Book 2

V&V💭 sutta anthology

important full suttas from Book 1, V&V💭 in the EBT


KN Pe: Peṭakopadesa (pitaka disclosure): everything interesting it says about jhāna & samādhi
Vimt. chapter on 4 jhānas, 4 arupa attainments
Upekkha in the Jhānas, 7sb, 4bv. : Not just passive equanimity in Jhāna.
EBT Jhāna Vs. (VRJ) Vism. Redefinition

⛔ Wrong translations for V&V💭

✅ ☸EBT V&V💭: vitakka & vicāra = directed-thought & evaluation
⛔ Vism. Redefinition V&V💭: applied-thought & sustained-thought (b.nanamoli)
⛔ Vism. Redefinition V&V💭: initial-application & sustained-application (u thittila)
⛔ B.Sujato mistranslation of V&V💭: placing-the-mind & keeping-it-connected
⛔ B.Anālayo mistranslation of V&V💭: [directed] awareness and [sustained] contemplation

🔗The one stop V&V shop, where errant views meet the chopping block
Relativity of ⛔Wrong, and the horse from Bodagosia

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