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24/7 samādhi 5 – Book 5: You can hear sounds in all 4 jhānas, not just the first. Which samādhis are silent?
    24/7 samādhi 5.1 – You can hear sounds in the 4 jhānas. Which samādhis are silent?
    24/7 samādhi 5.2 – hearing in the four jhānas explicit in these suttas
    24/7 samādhi 5.3 - These are the only suttas showing no hearing being possible
    24/7 samādhi 5.4 – Analysis of relevant sutta references (alphabetical)
    24/7 samādhi 5.5 – Hearing and thinking while in Jhāna strongly implied
    24/7 samādhi 5.6 – Can you hear sound in imperturbable samādhi?
    24/7 samādhi 5.7 – AN 10.72 sound can be a thorn in all four jhānas
    24/7 samādhi 5.8 – Jhāna vs. VRJ
    24/7 samādhi 5.9 – Silence Isn’t Mandatory
    24/7 samādhi 5.10 – Misc.

5 – Book 5: You can hear sounds in all 4 jhānas, not just the first. Which samādhis are silent?

hearing in jhāna👂🌄 , samādhi

✅ You can hear sounds in the 4 jhānas, including 'imperturbable' version of 4th jhāna (j4🌕 āneñja⚡). First three jhāna are 'perturbable' MN 66.
✅ You can not hear sounds in imperturbable formless (a-rūpa) attainments.
   * Unqualified 'āneñja ' (imperturbable) is usually referring to these formless attainment's, and not 4th jhāna.
   * These formless states are the 'santi vihara' peaceful meditations referred to in DN 16 where Buddha and his teacher can not hear sounds.
⛔ Tv Ab Kv 18.8 claims that one can not hear sounds in the four jhānas. First of all, this text is relatively new and not everyone agrees it's canonical. Second, they use fallacious and circular reasoning.

You can hear sounds in the 4 jhānas. Which samādhis are silent?
Answer: MN 43 and AN 9.37 make it absolutely clear, by not listing 4 jhanas, it’s only in the formless attainments where one is percipient and conscious and awake, but can not hear sounds, feel touch of body, etc. with 5 sense doors.

There are two types of imperturbable (anenja) samadhi

1. the purified and luminous 4th jhana that can easily access the 6 higher knowledges, as described in MN 125 war elephant simile, AN 5.113 and AN 5.139, AN 6.56 with Sona.
2. formless attainments (as mentioned above, MN 43 and AN 9.37)
so when KN Ud 3.3 states that 500 monks and buddha in imperturbable samadhi can’t hear, we know it must be talking about formless states, not imperturbable 4th jhana.
when DN 16 mentions Buddh, while awake, percipient, conscious, not hearing in thunderstorm, and Alara not hearing 500 carts, their unamed samadhi must therefore be the imperturbable formless attainments, not the 4th jhana.
the imperturbable samadhi of Moggallana in the Vinaya passage must be the formless states, not 4th jhana for the same reason.
AN 10.72 deliberately omitting the 4 formless attainments, and listing 4 jhanas (plural), means sound acts as thorns in all jhanas, but not in the formless samadhi.
In DN 21 Buddha hears carriage moving and is knocked out of ‘samadhi’, we know that unspecified samadhi must therefore be 4 jhanas, or animitta samadhi. In several suttas, the buddha has stated whenever he’s not giving a dhamma talk, his mind is in suññata or samadhi. Suññata includes all 9 attainments and also animitta samadhi. Since he’s walking around, he’s not in a formless samadhi, and so most likely he’s in imperturbable 4th jhana by default.

'Santa Vihara', Peaceful dwellings, are formless attainments, not 4 jhānas

Besides the imperturbable formless samādhi where one can not hear sounds, the another term that is used is 'Santa Vihara', Peaceful dwellings.
In DN 16 when Buddha and his Teacher can not hear sounds, they are in Santa Vihara.
As MN 8 very clearly delineates, the four jhānas are 'pleasant dwellings', as opposed to the 4 formless attainments which are 'peaceful dwellings.'

Conclusion: you can hear sounds in the 4 jhanas, loud sounds are thorns

When you consider all the sutta passages in this article, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. There is no controversy, and people should do their homework and clear it up for themselves. It’s not that hard. All the evidence is laid out for you here, you just need to commit a couple of hours to careful study.

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