4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

👑8☸ → 8🌄 Sammā Samādhi

righteous undistractible-lucidity

4👑☸ → 👑8☸ → 8🌄      (👑8☸)   1👁   2💭   3💬   4🏃   5👑   6🏹   7🐘   8🌄
👑8☸ → 8🌄:   S&S🐘💭   V&V💭   5⛅   7☀️   16🌬️😤   (⤴)

4j🌕 in full

“katamo ca, bhikkhave, sammā-samādhi?
What **, *********, is right-undistractable-lucidity?
🚫💑 vivicc’eva kāmehi …
🚫💑 Quite-withdrawn (from) sensuality, …
🌘 paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ upasampajja viharati. …
🌘 first Jhāna (he) enters, dwells. …
🌗 dutiyaṃ jhānaṃ upasampajja viharati. …
🌗 second Jhāna (he) enters, dwells. …
🌖 tatiyaṃ jhānaṃ upasampajja viharati. …
🌖 third Jhāna (he) enters, dwells. …
👁🐘 Upekkhā-sati-pārisuddhiṃ
👁🐘 equanimous-observation-(and)-remembrance-purified,
🌕 catutthaṃ jhānaṃ upasampajja viharati
🌕 fourth Jhāna (he) enters, dwells.

The essence of Sammā Samādhi

(Righteous Undistractible-Lucidity)
samma samadhi kicking ass • The elephant is sati. Always remembers what he needs to do, never forgets.
• The rider/mahout is the wise gate keeper from AN 7.67 🏰, the frontier fortress.
• elephant & rider = S&S🐘💭 = sati & sampajāno = remembering & lucid-discerning
• Together, they are resilient (khamo), can patiently endure any kind of horrifying trauma.
AN 5.139 : “And how is a king’s elephant resilient to ...fearful sights... horrible smells ... terrifying sounds ... physical pain ...? ... having gone into battle, he is pierced by a flight of arrows, two flights, three flights, four flights, five flights of arrows, but he doesn’t falter or faint, he steels himself and engages in the battle...
• That resilience (khamo) is the defining characteristic of samādhi. Not "stillness". Pacification and serenity are important nutriments of samādhi, but they are not equivalent to it.
• There are many 'samādhi suttas' in the EBT, but only one sutta titled "sammā samādhi" AN 5.113 . Its central focus is Khamo/resilience, not "stillness".
• Samādhi is not a trance, not a state where you can't think, can not act, and not form an intention.
• Samādhi is dynamic. It can appear quiescent, but it's poised and alert, not in a frozen trance. When you're in samādhi, you may appear very still, but you ready.
• Ready, on a moment's notice, to fight the āsavās and break through to nirvana.
• Samādhi is the pinnacle 🌄 of lucidity, of mental power. AN 5.113 : “possesssing five-of-these qualities, (a) monk [is] capable (of) dwelling in righteous-undistractable-lucidity, Which five? (a) monk is resilient to forms, sounds, odors, tastes, and tactile-objects, ...

What is Samādhi?

☂️ Samādhi: broad umbrella term, many nuances | 4j = 4sp
STED Sammā Samādhi from Pāli and Agamas, and sanskrit
⛔Wrong samādhi, wrong Jhāna
similes for Sammā Samādhi (especially 4 jhānas)

The four Jhānas

code phrases that mean "do 4 jhānas": also codes for other samādhi attainments, and JST do it (jhāna sandwich theorem)
Samādhi in 3 ways: with V&V, without vicāra, etc. : They map into 4 jhānas
Ekodi-bhava 🌄: first appears first in 2nd jhāna, and applies to all samādhis higher than that.
🔬 Detailed research: on role of 🌄 Ekaggatā, Ekodi in Jhānas
🚶 Walking meditation, samādhi & jhāna in all postures:
learner's jhāna, impure jhāna, is still called "jhāna":
The 4 jhānas have 7☀️ factors. Not 5.

        4 Jhānas: Where insight 👁 happens

        V&V💭 vitakka & vicāra: thinking & evaluation
        S&S🐘💭 sati & sam-pajāno: remembering & lucid-discerning
        4j=4sp: Jhāna is satipaṭṭhāna, and satipaṭṭhāna is Jhāna | ☂️ Samādhi
        🛆👁 Upekkha in the Jhānas, 7sb, 4bv. : Equanimous-observation 👁 powered by samādhi 🌄

        What are samādhi-nimittas?

        samādhi-nimitta are the 4sp : sati remembers Dhamma, nimittas are Dhammas fed into the 7sb machine.

STED 4 jhānas 🌕

STED 4j🌕 = 4 jhānas 🌕
j1🌘 paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ = First Jhāna
j2🌗 dutiyaṃ jhānaṃ = Second Jhāna
j3🌖 tatiyaṃ jhānaṃ = Third Jhāna
j4🌕 catutthaṃ jhānaṃ = Fourth Jhāna

features in 4j🌕 = j1🌘 + j2🌗 + j3🌖 + j4🌕

j1🌘: V&V💭   Pīti😁   Sukha🙂
j2🌗: Ekodi-bhava 🌄, 👑😶 ariyo vā tuṇhī-bhāvo = noble 👑 silence 😶
j3🌖: S&S🐘💭 sati & sam-pajāno, pleasurable abiding here and now
j4🌕: 🛆👁 Upekkha, aneñja (imperturbability)

🛇👻 The four Jhānas are not formless samādhi attainments

Not formless means you have physical body 🗸🏃‍♀️ awareness, you can feel leg pain, you can hear sounds. In 3rd and 4th jhāna, the sense of the body may subjectively be experienced as increasingly subtle, fading out. But if you can no longer hear sounds, can not kinaesthetically locate where your hands, feet, head are, have no sense of direction of up and down, then you've crossed over into formless samādhi, and you are no longer in the four jhānas.

rūpa is not a-rūpa, 4 jhānas operate in rūpa

You think that would be obvious, but it's not a well understood point.
In the 4 jhānas, the body (kāya) is physical 🗸🏃‍♀️, and feelings (vedana) by default originate from the physical 🗸🏃‍♀️
If you can feel leg pain in 4 jhānas, then ...
You can hear sounds in the 4 jhānas.: Which samādhis are silent?

Formless attainments 🗸👻

These are not explicitly defined under Sammā Samādhi, but several passages suggest these are a subset of fourth jhāna.

STED (smd 5) ākāsā-nañcā-(a)yatanaṃ: Space-infinitude-dimension
STED (smd 6) viññāṇañcā-(a)yatanaṃ: Consciousness-infinitude-dimension
STED (smd 7) ākiñcaññā-(a)yatanaṃ: Nothingness-dimension
STED (smd 8) Neva-saññā-nāsaññā-(a)yatanaṃ: Neither-perception-nor-non-perception-dimension
STED (smd 9) Saññā-vedayita-nirodhaṃ: Perception-feeling-cessation

Special states

A-nimitta Samādhi, A-nimitta ceto-vimutti: Sign-less concentration, sign-less mind-liberation
Ap-paṇihita:(un-directed) samādhi
na sa-saṅkhāra-niggayha-vārita-gato: not using-- fabrications (to) – restrain – (and) block [defilements] – ****
suññato samādhi: see MN 121 & 122. An article surveying all passages eventually.


Mastery of Samādhi
Samādhi group, integration of specialized terms , translation issue and how they fit together
🔗🧘🐢FLT: Full Lotus Turtle - A comprehensive guide to sitting meditation postures

EBT compliance in Jhāna

EBT Jhāna Vs. Vism. Redefinition

EBT compliant Jhāna commentaries

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

        All of his books are free, all of his views on Jhāna are EBT compliant: http://www.dhammatalks.org

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

        Should we come out of Jhāna to practice Vipassanā?
        Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English (from wisdom pub)
        His older published books and writings on Jhāna follow Vism. and is NOT EBT compliant, so beware!

Non EBT commentaries

        KN Pe: Peṭakopadesa (pitaka disclosure): everything interesting it says about jhāna & samādhi
        Vimt. chapter on 4 jhānas, 4 arupa attainments
        Dhyāna Samādhi Sutra chapter on 4 jhānas, 4 arupa attainments, levitation
        Ajahn Chah's explanation of Jhāna, samādhi
        Thanissaro Bhikkhu


🔗In pictures: this is your mind in samādhi
🔗Where do Jedi's come from?

4j🌕: 4 jhānas ⊜ equivalent factors

 4j🌕 = j1🌘 + j2🌗 + j3🌖 + j4🌕 = 5bal👊️4🌄 = 5ind🖐️4🌄 = 7sb☀️6🌄 = 👑8☸8🌄

 STED 4j🌕 = 4 jhānas 🌕
j1🌘 paṭhamaṃ jhānaṃ = First Jhāna
j2🌗 dutiyaṃ jhānaṃ = Second Jhāna
j3🌖 tatiyaṃ jhānaṃ = Third Jhāna
j4🌕 catutthaṃ jhānaṃ = Fourth Jhāna
5bal👊️4🌄 = samādhi-bala
5ind🖐️4🌄 = samādhi-indriyam
7sb☀️6🌄 = samādhi-sam-bojjh-aṅga, undistractible-lucidity-awakening-factor
👑8☸8🌄 = sammā-samādhi, right undistractible-lucidity

4j🌕: 4 jhānas central repository

Most of the information on 4 jhānas will be collected in 👑8☸ → 8🌄 = sammā-samādhi, right undistractible-lucidity. The equivalent 4j factor pages will focus on how they differ from sammā-samādhi

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