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☸8aam #7: Sammā Sati 🐘

(Right Remembering)

Sati is memory

elephant and bodhi tree The elephant never forgets.

sati = remembering = two way memory access, memorization + recollection.

the essence of sati

SMRTI = You (S)uppose to (M)emorize and (R)ecollect (T)errific (I)deas.
SATI = You (S)uppose to (A)ctualize (T)errific (I)deas

S&S🐘💭: sati & sam-pajāno, remembering & lucid-discerning

S&S🐘💭 = Insight: In EBT, S&S performs the role of insight. S&S is explicitly stated in third jhāna. There is no "access concentration" (upacāra samādhi) in EBT
V&V💭: vitakka & vicāra: directed-thought & evaluation: In first jhāna, V&V is essentially a coarser form of S&S
Jhāna is satipaṭṭhāna, and satipaṭṭhāna is Jhāna.

There is no time out or off-switch for sammā-sati

”Sati” should be “always on”: or you will be in grave danger.

4sp#4: Dhamma-anupassana

Dhamma = Buddha's teaching that leads to virāga ... nirvana: Dhamma in this context, as well as in dhamma-vicaya-sambojjhanga, is commonly mistranslated as "phenomena", "mental qualities", etc.

The oral tradition works together holistically with Sati, dhamma-vicaya, memorization. It requires Dhamma=specialized Teaching, not "phenomena"

suttas focusing on sati

SN 47 Sati-'paṭṭhāna 🐘 Saṃyutta: 104 suttas: 4sp remembrance-establishings

MN 10 Sati-’paṭṭhāna is overrated. Study this instead:

ASK: (A)n-uttara (S)ati-’paṭṭhāna (K)handha Sutta The un-excelled remembrance-establishing aggregate discourse. ASK not what the Dhamma can do for you.

samādhi nimittas: Meditation subjects for 4sp → 7sb

4 basics, and the 42 EBT samādhi nimitta meditation topics:
Choosing a meditation subject: Explore the 42 in more detail, and additional nimittas
16 APS (Ānā-pāna-s-sati): in-breath (&) out-breath remembrance, the crown jewel of all meditation practices in the EBT