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SN 40 Moggallāna Saṃyutta

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Moggallāna Vagga

11 suttas total. The first 9 suttas correspond with 9 meditative attainments, with the exception of the 9th being animitta. They show Moggallāna struggling to master each attainment, and what tends to knock him out of that attainment. These first 9 suttas contrast with Sāriputta SN 28, where the first 9 suttas also deal with the 9 attainments, except Sāriputta has complete mastery of them.
SN 40.1 Sa-vitakka: with directed-thought
SN 40.2 A-vitakka: without directed-thought
SN 40.3 Sukha: pleasure
SN 40.4 Upekhā: equanimous-observation
SN 40.5 Ākāsā-nañc-­āyatana: space-infinitude-dimension
SN 40.6 Viññān-añc-­āyatana: consciousness-infinitude-dimension
SN 40.7 Ākiñcaññāyatana-pañhā: A Question About the Dimension of Nothingness
SN 40.8 Neva-saññā-­n-ā-saññ-­āyatana: neither perception nor non perception dimension
SN 40.9 A-nimitta: Sign-less: Noteworthy because Animitta is taking the place of the usual 9th samādhi attainment.
SN 40.10 Sakka: King of the Heaven of 33: Moggallāna has conversation with him about benefits of confidence in Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha
SN 40.11 Candana: Same material as SN 40.10, with different devas.

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