4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

Saṃyutta Nikāya

connected group

saṃ-yutta = together-yoked

4👑☸ SN‍ :   56 saṃyuttas in SN   v1   v2   v3   v4   v5   🔝

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sa-gāthā-vaggo: with verses chapter (1 of 5)

SN 1: 68m, Devatā Saṃyutta: Deities:
81 suttas, mostly verses

SN 2: 40m, Deva-putta Saṃyutta: Deities'-sons:
30 suttas, mostly verses

SN 3: 57m, Kosala Saṃyutta: (name of town):
25 suttas,

SN 4: 42m, Māra Saṃyutta: (name of The Evil Deity)
25 suttas

SN 5: 15m, Bhikkhuṇī Saṃyutta: Nuns
10 short suttas

SN 6: 0m, Brahmā Saṃyutta: (high class of deity)
15 suttas

SN 7: 46m, Brāhmaṇa Saṃyutta: brahmins:
22 suttas

SN 8: 0m, Vangīsa Thera Saṃyutta: (name of monk famous for his poetry)
12 suttas:

SN 9: 0m, Vana Saṃyutta: forest:
14 suttas

SN 10: 0m, Yakkha Saṃyutta: demon
12 suttas

SN 11: 0m, Sakka Saṃyutta: (Lord of heaven of 33)
25 suttas,

Nidāna-vaggo: cause chapter (2 of 5)

SN 12: 0m, Nidāna Saṃyutta: cause
93 suttas on 12ps

SN 13: 0m, Abhi-samaya Saṃyutta: comprehension
11 suttas, similes on how a stream enterer's remaining pain-(& suffering) is tiny, compared to the portion of dukkha ended.

SN 14: 0m, Dhātu Saṃyutta: Elements
(39 suttas)

SN 15: 0m, Anamatagga Saṃyutta: one whose beginning is unknown. (adj.)
20 suttas

SN 16: 42m, Kassapa Saṃyutta: (name of famous chief disciple)
13 suttas

SN 17: 0m, Lābha-sakkāra Saṃyutta: acquisitions & honor
37 suttas, 4 vaggas

SN 18: 15m, Rāhula Saṃyutta: (name of Buddha's son)
22 suttas:

SN 19: 0m, Lakkhaṇa Saṃyutta: a sign; mark; characteristic;
21 suttas, 2 vaggas

SN 20: 0m, Opamma Saṃyutta: simile
12 suttas, 1 vagga

SN 21: 20m, Bhikkhu Saṃyutta: monk
12 suttas: noble silence = 2nd jhana, araddha viriya definition, ...

khandha-vaggo: aggregates chapter (3 of 5)

SN 22: 0m, Khandha Saṃyutta: aggregates
158 suttas

SN 23: 0m, Rādha Saṃyutta: Caus. of rādh to succeed, rādhyate
46 suttas, 4 vaggas

SN 24: 42m, Diṭṭhi Saṃyutta: View
96 suttas, repetitious after 20:
theme is on right view and stream entry

SN 25: 0m, Okkantika Saṃyutta: entering
10 suttas

SN 26: 0m, Uppāda Saṃyutta: arising
10 suttas. Arising of 6aya, their corresponding objects, arising of 5uk, all are arising of dukkha.

SN 27:0m, Kilesa Saṃyutta: corruptions
10 suttas. Kilesa don't seem to be much different than 5niv⛅. Abandoning them produces samma sankappo's renunciation/nekkhamma.

SN 28: 0m, Sāriputta Saṃyutta: (name of famous chief disciple)
10 suttas, on 9 smd attainments

SN 29: 0m, Nāga Saṃyutta: 🐉 Dragons

SN 30: 0m, Supaṇṇa Saṃyutta: 🦅 Phoenixes

SN 31: 0m, Gandhabba-kāya Saṃyutta:🧚 Fairies

SN 32: 0m, Valāhaka Saṃyutta: gods of the rain clouds

SN 33: 0m, Vacchagotta Saṃyutta: (name of wanderer)

SN 34: 0m, Samādhi Saṃyutta: undistractable-lucidity:
These 55 suttas are just permutations of pairs, and fours, based on the basic elements of mastery from AN 6.24 gratuitously combined. SN 34 doesn’t contain any kind of useful information that would actually explain what the 6 basic elements are in ++AN 6.24. Instead, it just looks like an Abhidhamma exercise that serves no purpose.

Saḷ-āyatana-vaggo: six sense bases chapter (4 of 5)

SN 35: 0m, Saḷ-āyatana Saṃyutta: six sense bases
248 suttas: 6aya

SN 36: 0m, Vedanā Saṃyutta: Feelings / experienced-sensations
(31 suttas)

SN 37: 0m, Mātugāma Saṃyutta: Female:
34 suttas

SN 38: 0m, Jambukhādaka Saṃyutta: (name of wanderer)
16 suttas, the wanderer Jambukhādaka questions Sāriputta

SN 39: 0m, Sāmaṇḍaka Saṃyutta:
16 suttas, a different wanderer asks Sariputta the same questions from SN 38

SN 40: 0m, Moggallāna Saṃyutta: (name of a chief disciple)
11 suttas. The first 9 correspond with 9 meditative attainments, exception of 9th being animitta.

SN 41: 37m, Citta Saṃyutta: mind (name of famous householder):
10 suttas

SN 42: 74m, Gāmani Saṃyutta: chief:
13 suttas

SN 43: 11m, A-saṅ-khata Saṃyutta: not-co-done:
44 suttas, featuring 37bp, and other important samadhis, all described as "doing jhāna"

SN 44: 32m, Avyākata Saṃyutta undeclared points:
12 suttas

Mahā-vaggo: great chapter (5 of 5)

SN 45: 58m, Magga Saṃyutta: path
suttas total on 👑8☸, first 48 distinct

SN 46: 0m, Bojjh-aṅga Saṃyutta: Awakening-factors:

SN 47: 0m, Sati-'paṭṭhāna 🐘 Saṃyutta: remembrance-establishings
104 suttas: 4sp🐘 [☸Dharma] remembrance-establishing

SN 48: 0m, Indriya Saṃyutta: Faculties:

SN 49: 0m, Samma-p-padhāna Saṃyutta: right exertion

SN 50: 0m, Bala Saṃyutta: power

SN 51: 0m, Iddhi-pāda Saṃyutta: (supernormal) Power-bases

SN 52: 0m, Anuruddha Saṃyutta: (name of chief disciple known for divine eye)
24 suttas,

SN 53: 0m, Jhāna Saṃyutta: meditation
54 suttas total. STED 4j🌕 jhānas are defined as in 👑8☸, but no elaboration or detail. All suttas are just repetition series using SN 45 template praising 4 jhānas instead of 8aam.

SN 54: 0m, Ānā-pāna Saṃyutta: inhale-exhale (breath meditation)
20 suttas detailing 16🌬️😤‍

SN 55: 0m, Sotā-patti Saṃyutta: stream-winner:
74 suttas

SN 56: 0m, Sacca Saṃyutta: Truth:
131 suttas, after 60 is peyyāla series

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