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Whatever works. Even if it comes from aerobics, physical therapy, tap dancing, or ballet.
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No body is paying me anything or offering any type of incentive for me to endorse any modality. I'm just giving objective opinions here on experiences (good and bad) that I've had.

chi running

see qigor slow jogging


I've gotten good results from the practice. When weather permits, probaby 80% of the year for me, I spend at least 60 minutes daily doing barefoot walking in contact with earth, usually while doing taiji, yoga, etc. There's some interesting science on this, if you read the book, examples such as tour de france cyclists recovering from fatigue and injuries faster, during the race. Has to do with electrical earth contact filling in electrons and reducing inflammation in the body.


This applies to just about everyone in the modern world. If you knew this when you were a kid and put it into practice, then you'd never need glasses.

jump ropes

This is a fantastic exercise that works all kinds of areas. Cardio, hand eye coordination, whole body coordination, etc. I like to do a few minutes of this, after I've been primed and warmed up from qigor slow jogging.


  1. lotus single leg loop
  2. lotus relaxed line drill
  3. up/down kicks
  4. lotus sitting stretches
: 1. 2. 3. 4. https://notesonthedhamma.blogspot.com/2019/06/flt-video-simple-kicking-drills-to-open.html FLT video: simple kicking drills to open up hips As I was saying before, FL (full lotus) sitting posture just seems difficult because modern people live a lifestyle, when they're not being sedentary at a desk job, as walking bipeds that load both of their legs at the same time, gradually stiffening them and not allowing the hips and legs a full range of movement. FL can be as easy as folding your arms across your chest. Study your legs and arms carefully, they're the same! You just need to develop a habit of allowing your legs and hips a full range of motion. Some of the hip opening yoga stretches are great, and I do them everyday, but I spend a lot more daily time doing kicking drills than static held stretches like yoga . I'll do at least one set of various kicks that lasts 10 minutes, it can be integrated into walking meditation, so there is no excuse not to do it. There are important details to notice about how I'm doing the kicks. For a beginner, the most important to notice is keep the circular range of your leg motion in your comfort zone. In the videos, I'm just using a fraction of my range to to demonstrate even small circular sweeps can give a great hip opening motion. The advantage of doing sets on a single leg with a continuous loop, is it develops your balance, enhances the strength, coordination, balance of your waist movement, leg strength, and the free leg that's doing the circular sweeping, gives it time to get to know the feeling of being fully relaxed, without bearing the body weight load like it's so used to. Your free leg, with daily practice, should start to feel as easy as every human is able to give the same circular range of motion as your arms in shoulder socket. The advantage of doing the alternating line drills, especially for a beginner, is that before you've developed the balance and strength to stand on one leg for an extended period of time, it won't cramp or strain the weight bearing leg. What your arms are doing during kicking drills What you'll see commonly in chinese martial arts version of this kicking drill, is they'll hold the arms extended fully, with elbows locked out, and wrists bent 90deg. Extended arms are for balance while being on one leg. Being fully extended, stretches lots of arm muscles. BUT, if you continuously hold that stretch, the complementary set of arm muscles get tense and block qi flow. So you notice how I hold my arms, it's fully relaxed, circular like a bow, very little bend in the wrist. Extended arms out enough to help with balance, but with zero tension in shoulders, elbows, wrists, following proper taiji principles to never have tension. That blocks qi flow.

qigor slow jogging

will write a separate section on this important topic later. I do at least 30min a day of this. My version is different than the Japanese professor's "slow jogging science".
  1. olympic runner in barefoot relaxed training mode, not slow at all, but good model to study for good mechanics and relaxed natural movement.
  2. kenyans relaxed training jog
1. 2.

pull up bar

  1. cloud feet, pull-ups, shimmy:
  2. spinal twist:
1. 2.

slow jogging

see qigor slow jogging 

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