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(Aud)io (T)ales (i)n (P)āli

Audio Dhamma & Vinaya in Pāli, English, and other languages.
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Whenever you see hyperlinks next to sutta text like this: 🔗🔊
It contains an external website link to archive.org containing FLAC and MP3 audio recordings of said sutta.
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🔗What's New?

New 2017/sept. DN 2 Sāmañña-phala sutta, 🔗pāli
New 2017/aug SN 22.29 abhinandana sutta, 🔗pali, english, pli+eng

🔗 links to other sites with audio pāli sutta readings

🔗Ancient Buddhist Texts: Ven. Ven. Ānandajoti reads in English, Pāli, Sanskrit.
🔗paliaudio.com: English from AN, DN, MN, SN


(nice Eng. readings of MN and DN suttas, but poor microphone quality)

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(but not from EBT time) 

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