4👑☸4👑☸ Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦: 4 noble truths → Cattāri Ariya-saccaṃ 四聖諦

4 Noble Truths

§1. Dukkha 1💩§1. Dukkha 💩: Pain-(&-Suffering) 苦 Pain-(& Suffering) 苦 | 5uk5uk: pañc-upādānak-khandhā: five-clinging-aggregates. 5uk = 💩 | 6aya6 āyatana 👁 👂 👃 👅 👆 💭 āyatana: sphere; region; sense-organ; position. (nt.) 6aya = 💩
§2. Dukkha-samudayaṃ 2💩🐣§2. Dukkha-samudayaṃ 💩🐣 Pain-(& Suffering)'s-origination 集 | Pain's-origination 集
§3. Dukkha-nirodhaṃ 3💩🚫§3. 💩Dukkha-🚫nirodhaṃ 滅 Pain-&-Suffering's-cessation | Pain's-cessation 滅
§4. Dukkha-nirodha-gāminī paṭipadā 4☸§4. Dukkha-nirodha-gāminī paṭipadā 道 Pain-(&-Suffering)'s-cessation;-way (of) practice 道 | Pain's-cessation:-way (of) practice 道
 ( 👑8☸👑8☸ ariyo aṭṭh-aṅgiko maggo: noble-eightfold-path)   1👁1👁 Sammā-diṭṭhi: right-view   2💭2💭 Sammā-saṅkappo: right-resolve   3💬3💬 Sammā-vācā: right-vocalization   4🏃4🏃 Sammā-kammanto: right-action   5👑5👑 sammā-ājīvo: right-livelihood   6🏹🏹 Sammā Vāyāmo: right-effort   7🐘7🐘 Sammā Sati: right-remembering [of ☸Dharma that you heard & memorized]   8🌄8🌄 Sammā Samādhi: righteous undistractible-lucidity  

 ( 7sb☀️7sb☀️ satta bojjh-aṅgaṃ: seven awakening factors)   0👂☸0. 👂☸ Dhammaṃ-sutvā: Having heard [and/or learned] the ☸Dharma.   1🐘1. 🐘 sati-sam-bojjh-aṅgaṃ: remembering-awakening-factor, remembers and uses ☸Dhamma previously heard and memorized.   2💭🕵️2. 💭🕵️ dhamma vicaya sam bojjh-aṅgaṃ: Dharma investigation awakening factor   3🏹3. 🏹 vīriya-sam-bojjh-aṅga: vigor awakening factor   4😁4. 😁 Pīti sam bojjh-aṅgaṃ: rapture awakening factor   5🌊5. 🌊 Passaddhi sam bojjh-aṅgaṃ: Pacification awakening factor   6🌄6. 🌄 samādhi-sam-bojjh-aṅgaṃ: undistractible-lucidity-awakening-factor   7🛆👁7. 🛆👁 upekkha sam bojjh-aṅgaṃ: equanimous-observation awakening factor  
37bp🕊️‍(37🕊️‍ factors of) satta bodhi pakkhiya Dhamma: the 7 Buddha Wings of Dharma    STEDStandard EBT Definitions. EBT = Early Buddhist Texts.    UPED📚User-friendly Pāli English Dictionary    Gls🕮 Glossary of English Buddhist terms    (The Raft) 🚣‍Going old school: If the only Dhamma you could use was what you can remember (sati), which ones do you memorize?    misc.   

 AN‍Aṅguttara Nikāya: numbered (discourses) collection   DN‍Dīgha Nikāya: long (discourses) collection   KN‍Khuddaka Nikāya: smaller/minor (discourses) collection   MN‍Majjhima Nikāya: middle (length discourses) collection   SN‍Saṃyutta Nikāya: connected (discourses) collection   🏛️ Major texts, EBT and otherwise       Vin‍Vinaya: means removing/destroying [defilements]. As part of tipitaka, it's monastic code of discipline   🎙️audtip🔊‍Audio Tales In Pāli (and other languages)
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☸ Lucid 24.org 🐘🐾‍a-p-pamāda 🐘🐾‍ = assiduity. Assiduous practice of ☸Dharma for Nirvana

Samādhi, sati, should be active all the time, ♾️24/7. There is no off switch, no vacation. 4nt ☸ 8aam should be on your mind. Always. If you're conscious, you should be lucid‍. If you're asleep and dreaming, hijack your way into a lucid dream. During waking hours, wake up and smell the Dukkha. See things as they actually are (yathā-bhūtaṃ). That's lucidity.